Anger Management

6 08 2009

I don’t know what it is about angry people that is scary. Maybe its the twisted features of their faces, or the fact that all angry people (I mean ALL angry people here – you, me, your mother, her two thousand and fifty five relatives) all of them end up looking ridiculous as the anger mounts.

Now you may get angry over the state of the roads in Delhi, or the guy who has never heard of deodorent standing right next to you in the elevator or even the pesky kids that draw squiggly lines on the dusty windows of your car, but all of us angry people like to think that “our” anger is justified and upheld by the gods themselves; because we are oh-so-righteous and we know what we’re talking about and the other guy (everyone doing the perpetrating of injustice and evil ergo disagreeing with us and making us angrier) is plain WRONG. Don’t ask how we know it – he just is!

Don’t ask us why we’re angry. We just are.

Anger is fine.

Rage is fine.

Fury, too, is fine.

What is not fine is the way we gladly leave our humanity and compassion wilting in the dust when anger takes over. It’s alright to angry as long as you don’t forget that the person you are railing and ranting at is also a human being with feelings that have to be considered. You may consider yourself justified in screaming, shotuing and generally making a nuisance of yourself but if yourself through the eyes of the person you’re busy shredding to bits, you might perhaps reconsider the antics, and cool down.