The rain’s a moody lady

9 09 2009

Right about now, this very minute, 4:37 pm.

Its been promisisng to be a wet, windy and rainy sort of day for hours. The wind’s been blowing since morning and even with the twisted, sadistic luck my neighbourhood has with the rain, I can almost smell rain on the air. The trees are swaying in their characteristic slow, swishy waltzy way. Trees have a real feel for the entire dancing thing I think. Don’t believe me? Just go watch The Two Towers again. all those ballroom dancers you see on TV are no match for good ol’ Treebeard and company.

I’m hoping and praying that the first drops of raincome just before the sun goes down. That’s when rain is that its most beautiful. It’s twilight and the soft grey light of the evening becomes blurred as the drops begin to fall. It’s at times like these when its possible for anything, almost anything to be possible in the world.
Days like these are responsible for more than half the scifi and fantasy literature written in the world today. There’s something so magical, stern yet beautiful about a dark raincloud ont he horizon. It feels like its easier to believe and speak of dragons, of sorcery and witchcraft under a grey, wet sky.

I know for sure because that’s when I begin to mould the threads of my imgination together to form stories with the fantastic coming alive.

What do you think?




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