I’m one of those people you know? The kind that bite their lips till the last of the Nazgul flee, the kind that sit misty-eyed at the first glimpse of Minas Tirith and the kind that hope desperately that Kalessin is alive, hale and arrogant somewhere beyond the coast of Patagonia….and all this before 9 am on a Monday morning.

I’m a writer by profession, inclination, intuition and admission.  By day I (alright, I’ll be honest) attempt to write fabulous copy for clients, try to curb my instincts to let my dour, wry and often misunderstood brand of humour get in the way.  Because there’s so many instances when you’re supposed to write about how utterly fantastic and professional a client’s services are and all you can think about is hypothetical situations where you’re the one with a hand stuck inside the gom jabbar. 

It takes years of discipline to turn your thoughts away and focus on the work at hand. 

Note: <This last bit was said in David Carradine’s voice>

To make a long story short, I’m tall, given to staring into space for minutes while holding a saucepan over the flame, I adore food – the junky kind – health food gives me creeps.  I mean, just because its green doesn’t mean its good for you! Broccoli, I ask you!

I like listening to music, I prefer stuff that doesn’t aim to tear my ear drum thank you very much, I talk…a lot.  I am a champion doodler,in fact my mother reckons my doodles on the phonebook are inspired by Dali.  I love to travel and make lists of places I want to visit, and I get this weird joy in freaking myself out by doingthings that scare the living daylights out of me…jumping into the sea in Goa is one of them….water is scary. end game.


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