Misty Mornings

6 01 2009

I think it was around 6 in the morning when the first rumblings of consciousness began to stir around in my head.  There was a faint whirring noise and a niggling chill creeping into my toes.  I pulled my foot back into the quilt and curled up, desperately trying to the snuggle deeper into the bedclothes.  It didn’t work.  It was cold.  It was freezing and I felt it.  It wasn’t letting me sleep so I thought I’d do the sensible thing and drag myself out of bed. 

I pushed the covers aside and swung my feet off the bed.  The cold floor stung my feet and I winced as a thousand needles of biting cold dug into my feet.  I jumped and hopped about till I spotted my slippers half hidden under the scarf I’d discarded the night before.   Slippers slipped on. Mission accomplished. 

I stepped out into the hall and looked about.  I was the first one up, the rest of the apartment was dark.  I pushed the door of the corner room open.  The parklights were on.  The park and the dirt field where kids played cricket was flooded with light.  They glowed softly beyond the windows.  A thick screen of mist covered all the windows and the lights shining behind the glass seemed like giant candles suspended in the air.  The whole field held a very eeire look.  There was nobody about, and everything was quiet.  The silence felt heavy.

I shivered.  It reminded me a bit of the witching hour.  True appreciation of Sophie’s plight as she stood at her window can only be understood by somebody who has been through a similar exprience.  At that moment, every shadow on the ground seemed sinister and every tree seemed to hide a murderous giant in its leaves.  A murderous giant who would hide by day and pick children off as tasty morsels….

What am I talking about…this is what happens when you let your mind run away with you.  I meant to tell you about the fog and mist that descended upon Delhi today.  It was beautiful.  Eerie yet beautiful.  You could hardly see anything.   Everything seemed covered with miniscule drops of water.

I groaned at the thought of trudging halfway across the city to get to work.  It’s too cold and too inhuman to make somebody work on a dreary, gloomy day like this.  It’s depressing, not to mention mindnumbingly boring.  I wouldn’t make my worst enemy work on a day like this…..and this, dear readers is the reason why I am 25 and without a team of my own to boss around.

Because there won’t be much bossing around happening.  I’d rather just let everyone be happy and enjoy their work, even if it meant I would have to chew them out later fot not finishing their work on time and making me miss a deadline due to which the project goes to some other company…oh heavens the list goes on.

Jokes apart, I think I would make a pretty effective boss. I’m diplomatic, I know what I want and how to get others to work without letting them know I’m getting them to do something for me. 

So…never fear.  One of these days…..my eureka moment will arrive and finally a team of my own!

Blissful dreams……