Kermit Flipflops make me happy!

29 01 2009

The minute I get home from work, I tear my shoes and socks off and race to the closet where I rummage about in the clutter for a couple of minutes (it takes that long since I really have to struggle to see and fish things out of the way and it really isn’t easy when you have clothes, shopping bags, belts, hats, gloves, socks, shoes, heels, sneakers, deflated soccerballs, poky old hairbrushes, and a million other things threatening to tumble out while you stick your hands in one way then the other).   And finally, I have what I came for —-my Kermit the Frog flipflops!!

I slam the closet door shut and pull them on.  Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. Sigh.

Heaven, thy name is flipflop.